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Sunday, 24 October 2010

movie interiors: Pretty in Pink

Sometimes I worry I'm studying the wrong subject. As much as I love good screenplays and great acting, probably my favourite thing about film is set design. Maybe it has to do with how much pride I've always taken in my own room, decorating it and plastering posters on my walls, but I find myself having to hold back when I'm writing assignments for my class. I want to dictate what goes where; a green phone, plastic roses or a Wayne Thiebaud print.

If I were a set designer, I'd dedicate myself to films about teenagers -- here's one of my favourite teenage bedrooms on film.


  1. I think being a set designer must be one of the most interesting, creative jobs! I hadn't really noticed how amazing her bedroom is until you posted these stills! Incredible :3

  2. being a set designer would be so much more fun than being an interior designer, haha. john hughes put so many great details into his sets -- ferris' bedroom is a goldmine and i love seeing all the names on the labels in iona's record store :D