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Monday, 14 June 2010

five fun movie links

#1. Third Act Failures from the AV Club.
Just think about it, how many times to you think, "well, they could have just left out the last 20-30 minutes".. so many movies spring to mind.

#2. The Best Movies of All Time Map from
How amazing does this look? Probably took the person who made it an embarrassingly long time, but still. Totally worth it. I'd love to turn this into a 'Best Movies of All Time the 80s Map', with special categories for Michael J. Fox and Films Containing Stereotypical Nerds With Pocket Calculators.

#3. How Karate Kid Ruined the Modern World from Cracked.
Karate Kid is not the only movie to blame, but this blog makes for a hilarious read. And you know what, the dude who wrote this is totally right. Recommended viewing: Team America: World Police, this post is the blog-equivalent of their 'Montage' song.

#4. Everyday Things That Never Happen In the Movies from Virgin Media.
If Saturday Night Fever were real: "Sadly viewers are unable to tell if John Travolta is a woman's man by the way he walks because every five yards he is stopped by a wildly enthusiastic man in a bright yellow T shirt asking him if he'd like to set up a monthly direct debit."

#5. Sincerely, John Hughes from We'll Know When We Get There (a personal blog).
I'm willing to admit I'm a very sentimental person, especially when it comes to my childhood heroes, but John Hughes pretty much always makes me cry. This post certainly didn't disappoint. A great tribute to a remarkable man.

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